Bhuwan Lodha of M&M Is the CIO of the Year at the QuPID Conference & Awards 2023

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Source: Niranjan Mudholkar

As technology becomes more sophisticated and expands globally, the role of a CIO has increased both in popularity as well as in importance. A truly great CIO needs to embody three crucial personas: communicator, salesperson and influencer. That’s exactly what Mr. Lodha represents!

November 2023 : Besides recognizing the excellence achieved by various manufacturing plants, the organizers of the QuPID Conference & Awards also believe that it is equally important to recognise and celebrate great institutes and great leaders that build our industry. In line with this thought process, they have started the Institute of the Year award and other leadership awards. Accordingly, the honour of being the CIO of the Year went to Bhuwan Lodha, Sr. Vice President Digital, Mahindra & Mahindra (Automotive).

This award is in recognition of his fantastic leadership over the last one decade and for his passion for achieving technological edge in everything that he does as a professional. Our ‘Awards Committee’ also notes how admirably he has contributed to the Digital Transformation Journey at the Mahindra & Mahindra Group in a very short time. The Group has enhanced its engineering, digital, supply chain and manufacturing footprint in India under his leadership. The Committee also appreciates and respects his experiments with emerging technologies like AI, IoT, VR/AR etc. across several use cases. His vision of competing with the world’s best tech organization while also preserving and nurturing the M&M Group’s core businesses is absolutely inspiring. Mr. Lodha truly deserves to be celebrated as an exemplary CIO!

The QuPID Conference & Awards 2023 function was successfully conducted on 22 November in Pune. Attendees included more than 180 top manufacturing professionals and leaders from across the country. The event also witnessed 39 manufacturing plants winning the QuPID trophy under nine different categories. Inspired by the Roman God of Love (Cupid), the name QuPID represents the key factors that drive the manufacturing industry: Quality, People, Productivity, Innovation and Digital Transformation.