Creating an Efficient Human Future with AI

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Company Details : Algo8 transforms and organizes the industrial value chain and processes using AI and IR4.0+ to optimize the utilization of resources and energy by humans.

The Problem:

» Manufacturing plants are lagging in AI adoption

AI Based Maintenance, Cognitive Process, Energy and Compliance Management have huge impact

» Manufacturing intelligence is hardcoded

Current Operational tech is heuristic and not artificially intelligent on IT and OT Data

» Context is a major gap in AI Impact

Leaders are still trying out and understanding if AI can impact their plants

The Solution:

The Platform:


The sPACE product suite is complemented by their expertise in computer vision

Application of VI Analytics:

The sPACE product suite is complemented by their expertise in computer vision

Key Advantages:

» Very Early Movers into specialised Enterprise AI suite for manufacturing plants
» Plug & Play modules with 20% customisations developed over 24 months of User Research and AI R&D
» Backed by an Integrated Research Ecosystem from A+ Colleges
» Contextualised AI/ML makes us very user friendly


Research Partners:

Founder's Key Message:

"We are enabling an efficient future for manufacturing plants around the world as we step into the era of Industry 4.0. Our enterprise-AI Suite is enabling process and discrete manufacturing plants improve their process YTE, predict and manage breakdowns, and maintain a high quality of operations. This significantly improves the bottom line for businesses."
– Nandan Mishra, CEO