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Location : Mumbai

Company Details : Daten & Wissen (D&W) incorporated in 2019 in Mumbai, unravels issues by providing customized Artificial Intelligence solutions. We work on technological ideation and provide AI based solutions to bring in efficiencies in businesses. We strive to innovatively help our client leverage the power of AI and bring coherence in their business. Our aim is to utilize and analyze data to generate maximum and diverse outputs. Being a DPIIT-recognized and NVIDIA Inception startup partner affirms our strength in innovation and technology.

Drawbacks in Industry:

Current provision of AI solutions in market are generic built models being replicated throughout the industry. This is problematic in terms of accuracy as data for each company is unique and hence calls for customization.

The Solution and our Expertise:

Daten and Wissen provides customized Artificial Intelligence solutions, for companies to solve complex data problems and get deep insights. We help companies to avail the underutilized data.

Expertise includes:

Natural Language Processing
Use cases – Automatic Summary Generator, Chatbots, Recommendation engines, Text Processing, etc.
Computer Vision
Use Cases – Image Classification, Video analytics, Motion tracking of people, Objects identification, Detection of safety wearables by team members in factories, etc.
Time Series Prediction
Use Cases – Sales forecasting, Raw Material Consumption prediction leading to automated inventory planning including internal and external factors (environmental, political, economic, etc.), Predictive Maintenance of Machines.
Machine Learning / Deep Learning
Use cases – Customer behavioral analysis, Transport route optimization in logistics using Graph neural networks, etc.

Tools and Technologies:

1) Python
2) R Language
3) TensorFlow / Pytorch
4) AWS / Azure / GCP
5) UI Dashboards
6) ML / DL Algorithms
7) Dialogflow / RASA
8) Tableau / PowerBI / QlikView

Founder's Key Message:

Daten and Wissen is on an innovative journey of digital transformation through technology and the power of AI. We believe Artificial Intelligence is all about applying Mathematics along with technological aspects which negates possible human errors and in turn contributes to the digital growth of the businesses.
- Jitendra Purohit, COO

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