ERP Software and e-Procurement Solutions for Manufacturing SMEs

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Area of Operations : Force Intellect provides ERP Software and e-Procurement Solution, specifically for the Manufacturing Industries.

Location : Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Company Products :Force Intellect is committed to providing ERP solutions to SMEs in manufacturing industry. Spectrum ERP – Their end-to-end ERP solution is specially designed for overcoming challenges faced by small & medium enterprises in manufacturing industry.

Industries Serviced:

Force Intellect carries out Spectrum ERP implementations, eProcurement Solutions, Material Management Solutions, Inventory Optimizations, Custom Applications & B2B Mobile applications to small & medium enterprises from manufacturing industry.

Solution Implementation Methodology:

Key Differentiators:

» Force Intellect’s highly experienced Team has a deep understanding of SMES in the manufacturing industries business domain
» Our long term commitment to provide Best ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Industry SMEs
» We provide innovative ERP products and solutions for full Suite Implementation as well as Standalone module wise implementation. This enables SMEs to grow at a pace suitable to them.
» We also ensure our ERP products and solutions are up to date with the latest trends in technologies so that you are future ready.

Key Clients:

Founder's Key Message:

“The Business Landscape is changing rapidly. Internet Smartphones/Mobiles have transformed the way we conduct business. Information at real-time has become the lifeline of Business and SMEs too have to digitize and digitalize for being competitive. We at Force Intellect, add value and enable growth by partnering with Manufacturing companies with our ERP Software and E-Procurement Software and help them especially SMEs to become efficient, productive and agile.”
Mauly Chandra- Director, Force Intellect

Source – Force Intellect