Decoding Safety: My Way

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Surendra Jagtap

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>Mr. Surendra Jagtap, Group HSE Head at L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd. spoke about his latest book, " Decoding Safety : My Way.” The book is about the author's journey of over 35 years in the Safety segment that brought him accolades and achievements.

What inspired you to write the book, Decoding Safety: My Way?

Mr. Jagtap: In my 35 years of career, I was fortunate enough to receive recognition and fame in the industry. There was always an urge to give back to the industry, and thus initially, I participated in numerous conferences. Although conferences are a great medium to address certain issues and share knowledge, it can be shared with only a limited audience. I intended to share my knowledge and experiences with the masses, therefore decided to pen down in a book. This book is an amalgamation of my experiences gained during my journey in the industry. I realized that there is a lack of knowledge and experiences shared about ground zero safety.

Could you please highlight your favorite chapters from the book?

Mr. Jagtap: It is always tricky to pick only one chapter amongst all of them, but the first chapter, which discusses the 'conversation with readers', is close to my heart. I have revealed some of the most interesting experiences and understandable achievements in other chapters. In the last chapter, I have shared some advice and suggestions for not just beginners, but also for professionals. And not to sound prudent, I have also shared some suggestions for the government of India. India is a complex nation, and hence it is essential to regulate safety in every aspect.

There are many books in the market and various curriculums for students or beginners in the industry but, nothing substantial and eventually confuses the younger generation. The book will help students in understanding their career path much precisely. It will guide them through various stages of the career and achieve success.The younger generations need to imbibe the concept of first-class safety means profitable business. They must be able to connect business and safety in the same parameters.

Through my book, I have tried to communicate with the readers about prioritizing safety in the business world. In the corporate world, as one climbs the ladder, they are partial to the balance sheets & annual numbers, and hence the younger generation needs to take ground zero safety to the board rooms. The young professionals must learn the skill to bridge the gap between the two segments of the organization.

It is important to learn about upcoming technologies and how these new technologies will serve the desired purpose. In the current world of disruptive technologies, the organization should not opt for a ready standard solution but should opt for customized solutions.