Firmly Rooted in Mobile Accessories

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Source: Niranjan Mudholkar

“Our decision to focus on mobile phone accessories at Unix comes from recognizing the huge demand and potential in this market. We have observed a gap in the market where quality products and reliable customer service are lacking, presenting us with a niche opportunity to excel.”

March 2024 : In this exclusive interaction with Niranjan Mudholkar, Editorial Director, Pro MFG Media, Imran Kagalwala, Co-Founder, Unix India explains that ‘Unix’s commitment remains firmly rooted in mobile accessories, where it believes it can make the most significant impact’.

Unix India started its journey in 2006. How do you look back at this journey in terms of the key milestones achieved?

Our journey in the Indian Mobile Accessories industry has been quite fulfilling. We started with chargers and data cables and now offer a wide range of over 600+ products across 10+ categories which includes smartwatches, audio products, mobile phone covers and more. We are proud supporters of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, manufacturing all our products locally. We have grown our presence to over 70+ super stockists, and over 600 distributors spread across 500 cities nationwide. Our team, now over 700+ strong, is the backbone of our operations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a strong sales and service network, Unix has become a leading mobile accessories brand in the industry. Having Jasprit Bumrah as our brand ambassador further strengthens our position as industry leaders.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome the same?

Like everyone else, entrepreneurs encounter their fair share of challenges. These include assembling a skilled team, managing cash flow, and navigating intense competition, particularly from Indian and Chinese brands in the consumer electronics and manufacturing sectors. Despite these hurdles, we persevered by building a resilient team and embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Adaptability and continual learning were crucial in overcoming obstacles and fostering growth in a dynamic business environment.

In terms of its product portfolio, Unix is completely focused on mobile phone accessories. What has been the business thought behind this product mix? Will you be looking at expanding the product mix or diversifying into other categories in near future?

Our decision to focus on mobile phone accessories at Unix comes from recognizing the huge demand and potential in this market. We have observed a gap in the market where quality products and reliable customer service are lacking, presenting us with a niche opportunity to excel. Our commitment remains firmly rooted in mobile accessories, where we believe we can make the most significant impact.

However, we are not just looking to replicate existing products; instead, we aim to infuse innovation and technology to offer unique solutions to consumers. While we have ventured into smartwatches, our primary focus will still revolve around mobile accessories. Any expansion or diversification into other categories will be carefully evaluated to ensure alignment with our core strengths and strategic objectives.

Tell us about the manufacturing capabilities and capacities that Unix India has at present.

Our manufacturing facility in Umbergaon, Gujarat, spanning an impressive 70,000 square feet, exemplifies our dedication to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The manufacturing lines are meticulously designed to ensure precision and efficiency in producing high-quality mobile accessories. With a daily production capacity of 25,000 chargers, 35,000 data cables, 10,000 neckbands, 5,000 power banks and an impressive 55,000 mobile phone covers, our facility exemplifies manufacturing excellence. We adhere to stringent manufacturing standards to guarantee the utmost accuracy and consistency in our products. Moreover, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and reducing harmfulness in our processes, aligning with our values of sustainability and responsibility.

You operate in a very competitive industry and also operate in a market where customers are both demanding as well as price sensitive. How are you managing costs at the manufacturing level while also ensuring good quality at competitive prices?

To maintain competitive pricing without compromising quality, we focus on manufacturing our products entirely in-house. Unlike competitors who rely on external suppliers, we utilize our own moulds and moulding machines for chargers and data cables, ensuring both cost effectiveness and high standards. Our Research and Development team works diligently to refine our manufacturing processes for improved efficiency while maintaining quality. Additionally, our strong relationships with raw material suppliers allow us to negotiate favourable terms, ensuring competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Innovation plays a key role in the appliances and gadgets industry as consumers are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of features, functions and aesthetics. How is Unix India addressing this issue?

We are committed to enhancing user experiences by continuously introducing cutting-edge features in our products. Our focus on quality improvement and innovation ensures that customers always have access to the latest and best accessories for their gadgets. Take, for example, our latest product, the UX-2000 Retro Wireless Neckband. With its extended playtime, voice-changing functions – into five different unique modes, exemplifies our commitment to enhancing user experiences and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in this industry. Another example shall be – our UX 1000 neckband, designed with a detachable battery to ease charging worries. Simply swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment—a true testament to our dedication to enhancing functionality and user experience.

How much revenue is Unix India expecting to touch for the on-going FY 23-24. And what kind of numbers will you be looking at for the next FY?

We foresee remarkable growth in the ongoing fiscal year 2023-2024, expecting a substantial 2x increase. Fuelled by increasing demand and a growing market, we are positioned for even greater success. With projections indicating a robust 3x growth, we are confident in our ability to thrive in the electronics and consumer electronics manufacturing sector.