SRF’s Journey Towards Zero Defects

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Sidharath Behl

Leadership skills require prowess, prudence, and perseverance for success. Mr. Sidharath Behl, VP - Manufacturing, SRF - Packaging Films Business, shares with Pro MFGmedia, the strategies to ensure efficient management at every level in the organization.

SRF follows total quality management (TQM) as a philosophy tool for continuous improvement of processes to maintain the quality. The organization undertakes methodological improvements in the processes to assure the quality of the product delivered to the consumer is as desired. They have implemented an in-house Problem Solving Process (PSP), which helps in achieving breakthrough improvements and address the underlying problems faced by the consumer. PSP is a similar methodology to the six-sigma black belt, which is commonly followed throughout the industry.

SRF uses numerous tools, such as the theory of inventing problem-solving (TRIZ), to formulate the several issues faced by the consumers. The company anticipates the problems and formulates to achieve solutions by utilizing various tools such as phenomena mechanism, TRIZ, or design of experiment (DOE). The most important aspect of the process is standardization & institutionalization, which ensures all the improvements achieved in the process are sustained. SRF has been following this approach to ensure that the quality of the products is always maintained.

It is not just the approach, but the organization is also building high-performance teams through operational training programs. They focus immensely on capability improvements, and the initial process starts at the hiring level. They have a rigorous hiring process, which also involves the top management team before selecting the right candidate. There are several orientation programs in the organization to amalgamate the newcomers in the SRF culture. The in-house training program such as - Talent Development Centre helps the organization in accessing newcomer's competency. Such programs will train them for their respective future roles.

Apart from that, SRF is one of the organizations that measures performance by implementing KPI's at the level of supervisors or shift - in-charge. The strategy of the organization percolates down to the last mile employee such that even the bottom of the pyramid employee is also allocated with a specific KPI to map the progress of their performance. This approach not just instills a sense of responsibility amongst the employees but also helps the organization meet its short-, medium- & long-term goals in a progressive manner. The diverse talent, development initiatives, and measurement at every level helps the company improve the performance capability of our team.

The thumb rule to deploy new roles in upcoming projects or sites to the internal employees encourages them to upskill themselves. Strategies like these help employees at the plant level to achieve more responsible rules, higher up in the corporate ladder.