The Indispensable Aspects of Sustainable Digital Transformation Goals

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Team Pro MFG Media

The Pro MFG Digital Transformation Senior Leadership Roundtable, powered by Altair had Mr. Abhinav Srivastava, Head - IT, Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics, Intelligent Automation Piaggio Vehicles as one of the coveted speakers at the event.The IIT-Bombay and IIT-Indore led IndAC- SM is the esteemed knowledge partner for the Pro MFG Digital Transformation series.

Mr. Abhinav Srivastava, Head - IT, Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics, Intelligent Automation, Piaggio Vehicles said that one needs to be very clear about the very nuances of digitization, digitalization, digital transformation and above all, business transformation. In order to accomplish business transformation goals, one needs to be able to distinguish among them. While they might seem to sound like jargons at the onset, they are very different concepts, he added.

"Digital transformation and technology are no longer an enabler for businesses. They are going to be the drivers of business as the operating models and new age business models are going to revolve around Digital Transformation", he added.

Democratization and Change Management

Speaking about the top 3 things that are inevitable in pursuit of digital transformation goals, Mr. Srivastava stressed on the need for democratization, and that the push must come from the top as it has to be a top-down approach in this regard. He added that each and every person involved must have a clear idea as to what these digital transformation goals have in store for them, so as to get them onboard with the process. He went on to state that "Without democracy, any digital transformation project is bound to fail."

The second most crucial thing for attaining digital transformation goals is change management post implementation of digital transformation goals, which is not a one-off step but an ongoing process required to sustain the various aspects of changes brought in across every corner of the organization by digital transformation. The embedding of the change is absolutely unmissable in order to sustain digital transformation beyond a short period of time.

The Value Addition Proposition

The third and the most important thing that needs to be understood before, after and during digital transformation projects is "why is it needed?" Mr. Srivastava underlined the importance of having the clarity before kickstarting digital transformation and striving hard to ensure one is not doing it only to become a part of the "cool trend" or follow the industry giants. Instead, he insists that one must have his/her fundamentals right and evaluate the value addition aspect before jumping into the bandwagon.

Towards the end, hailing digital transformation as the soul of today's organizations, Mr. Srivastava stressed that the concept is indeed very real and no more a hype. It is undoubtedly the blood and soul of every organization, he added. He stressed that if organizations happen to ignore the idea of digital transformation in today's time, it is going to be a tough way ahead for them.