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Machine with human nerves? Can we combine the knowhow of nanotechnology, PCB, embedded design, Strain Gauge, Powder Metallurgy and 3dprint?

We know Carbon and Kevlar fibers are 3D printed to create composite materials. They give strength to the base materials of metal or plastic. An advanced process called Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF) uses continuous strands.

Now let’s use powder metallurgy for 3D printing with CFF to create Nano-thin fiber strands. 3D print nozzles embed them inside the base materials like PCB tracks. Thus, we generate a network of nanofibers webs across the body of the components. We pass weak currents through these fibers on assembled machines. By continuously measuring and monitoring this current, machine can see if some parts are excessively stressed or heated (in pain). Machine control system will then direct the system to auto rectify the cause. If the stress is sudden, we program a reflexive withdrawal on the component, preventing fracture.

2021 may show some movement towards creating this web of nerves under the umbrella of additive manufacturing. Machines will become more human in terms of feeling and healing. This artificial nervous system will revolutionize the machines.