Digital Future Readiness: Ecosystem for agile organizations - Leaders’ perspective

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Two leading Technology leaders Balaji V V, Head – Business Technology Group, ICICI Bank., and Kunal Kaul - Director & Head Enterprise Sales, Cisco India joined Viral Raval Managing Partner Digizen Consulting for the first of the “Leadership Conversation Series “to share their own lessons of Digital Future Readiness: Ecosystem for agile organizations.

More than a year has passed since we were struck with the Global health crisis. From living in a world of uncertainty to having the fastest vaccine launch and a resilient posture displayed by almost all sectors, we are even more confident of overcoming all unforeseen crisis. Thanks to technology backed agility that is being adopted by all.

With an almost de facto mode of getting work done in physical form to moving completely remote and hence digital could have been a little overwhelming for few sectors, but the good news is that everyone has adopted this new normal overcoming all the complexities and diversities of technology adoption and awareness.

A lot is attributed to agile and resilient network, which is the core to a digital transformation program. Covering a swath of topics, ranging from how digital is driving a hybrid and collaborative workplace of the future to building a resilient digital strategy, a roadmap that can help organizations to enable faster digital innovation and meet future demands and also views on the changing application landscape- the Leadership conversations touched on issues that deeply resonate with the Indian BFSI sector. To learn more, check out the video above.