Journey to Digital Transformation

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Unmesh Lohite

Unmesh Lohite, has more than 15 years of management consulting experience across strategic as well as implementation topics across market strategy / operational excellence practice / Industry 4.0 / Digitization across India, Middle East, Turkey, Europe and SouthEast Asia. He is currently the Principal at EAC- Euro Asia Consulting Pvt Ltd which helps organizations tread on a path of digital transformations to enhance efficiencies.

The journey from mechanized factories in the late 1700s to intelligent production and fully connected digital ecosystems today, the face of digitalization in the context of manufacturing has truly evolved. In the manufacturing context, digital transformation means leveraging data to enhance capability, especially, in agility and transparency.

Although for India, a fully automated digital ecosystem may be a distant dream, however, it is slowly picking pace with some industries already implementing the phase 1 of digitalization. The journey of digital transformation may take an enormous amount of time, energy, and investments, but the fruits it bears in terms of productivity improvement, cost optimization, reduction in defects and supply chain predictability is significant.

The key elements of digital transformation is the data generation at various production stages, communication of the data thus gathered through IoT network OR 4G/5G, storage of data on cloud/ data servers and processing engines such as big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that helps in drawing an informed decisions to achieve organizational objectives.

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