Tredence to Hire Over 1000 Analytics and Engineering Professionals in the Next 12 Months

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Source: Tredence Inc.

To fuel organizational growth, the company is hiring fresh graduates, lateral hires and domain leaders across Bangalore, Chennai and Gurugram.

Tredence, a leading data science and AI engineering company, will expand its team by adding over 1,000 technology professionals in the next 12 months in response to the growing need for global AI and data science expertise. Job opportunities span a wide range of roles – data analysts, business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, data product owners, cloud platform developers and technical architects, among others.

Since its inception in 2013, the company has maintained strong momentum, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50 percent. While working with Fortune 500 enterprises across the globe, Tredence has delivered meaningful insights into the hands of decision-makers through the last-mile adoption of analytics.

In the past seven months alone, Tredence has added more than 500 employees across diverse roles and skill sets. This notable scale-up resulted in the company reaching the milestone of 1,000 employees worldwide.

“We are proud to be among the world’s fastest-growing analytics companies. This enhanced focus on hiring is part of our strategy to invest in and build a strong talent pool of analytics and engineering professionals to drive accelerated value for our clients,” said Tredence CEO and co-founder Shub Bhowmick. “The analytics industry has advanced leaps and bounds in the last few years, but the focus on last-mile adoption and value realization continues to be paramount. We are doubling our employee strength to further enable our clients on their journey towards becoming insights-driven organizations.”

The company has embarked upon a significant growth and expansion plan following a recent Series A funding. It also announced an employee stock buyback program of $3.5 million to reward early employees and contributors.

"Tredence attracts world-class data scientists and engineers. Our hiring and growth plans are strategically mapped to meet the needs of our clients. We relentlessly focus on integrating advanced solutions and purposeful innovation into the fabric of our clients' businesses,” said Chief Operating Officer Harish Gudi. “Tredence bridges the gap between insight creation and value realization—the space we call the 'last mile adoption of analytics'. The rapid growth we're seeing is a testament to the value we're adding to our clients by bridging this gap." Noting that Tredence is "by design, a people-first organization," Chief People Officer Saurabh Upadhyay added that, "We are meticulous about choosing the best talent and committed to investing in their career and personal growth. As an adaptive organization, we are focused on creating a culture of continuous learning and shaping career opportunities for professionals to stay ahead of the times."

During the pandemic, the company took strong measures to support its employees, offering COVID-19 insurance, COVID helpline, vaccination drives, wellness leaves and more. On the heels of new funding and global expansion in the UK and Canada, the company recently launched Tredence Studio, an innovation platform that enables employees to ideate, prototype and co-create solutions in collaboration with clients.