Machine Tool Advanced Technologies

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Vikas Gupta, VE Commercial Vehicles

Mr Vikas Gupta has more than 32 years of experience in operations in the automobile industry. He is presently working at the Bus plant of VE Commercial Vehicle Ltd. ( a JV of Volvo & Eicher in commercial vehicles ).

“Adaptation to ultra-modern technologies provides a distinct leadership advantage to any manufacturing setup." These technologies help speeding up, optimise and handle some of the most difficult and repetitive duties within manufacturing.

Recent advancements in hardware and software are changing the machine tool industry, with a focused approach towards automation through a variety of newer solutions including IIoT, cloud computing, 3D printing and many more AI based solutions. The machine tools of the future appear to be smarter, more easily networked, and less prone to error.

AI assisted laser technology is one such advancement which is an alternative to conventional machining setups.

Laser can be used in many industrial applications, including machining, whereby it constitutes an alternative to traditional material removal techniques and can be used for the processing of a variety of materials namely metals, ceramics, glass, plastics, and composites for operations such as profile cutting, drilling & engraving of materials.

Key characteristics laser machining offer are absence of tool wear, tool breakage, chatter, machine deflection, and mechanically induced material damage, phenomena that are usually associated with traditional machining processes.

Parts cut through laser have high precision, good edge finish and low material contamination (as being chipped free) and have miniscule warping due to smaller heat-affected zone. Also laser operations are highly productive and have distinct advantages of zero tooling requirements, thereby substantially reducing the cost and cycle time for prototyping and mass production of new products.

Additionally the breakthrough advantage industries are looking for is to minimize dependency on skilled operators and make them the responsibility of advanced age machine tools.

However every technology has some limitations, still the benefits of laser machining setup far outweighs the downsides such as high initial cost, high power consumption, burning marks on cutting edge, cutting thickness limitation, difficulty in cutting high reflective materials and safety hazards of emitting aerosols, gases and high energetic radiation.

Presently Laser machining technology is limited among key players. They are involved in research and development activities to develop products compliant with the regulatory standards mandated by the government authorities, hence localization thru strategic investments and partnerships are anticipated to be the most efficient way to gain quick access to the emerging technology thus helping in leverage advantage globally.

About VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV):

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, the company includes the complete range of Eicher branded trucks and buses, exclusive distribution of Volvo Trucks in India, engine manufacturing and exports for Volvo Group, nonautomotive engines and Eicher component business. A multi-brand, multi-division company, backed by innovative products & services, VECV today, is recognised as an industry leader for modernizing commercial transportation in India and the developing world.